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by Snowfall

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released June 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Snowfall Ventura, California

4-piece emoviolence band from Ventura playing hard and being angry as always.

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Track Name: And Watching the Sunset
How can I forget you
When I see your face in every reflection
Your fragrance radiates throughout vacant rooms
Your voice resonates throughout the songs we used to sing

So sweetly and tenderly we used to hold each other
Our best attempts to shatter the sadness that surrounded us
Your delivered kisses that made the world seem perfect
Never in my life had I felt any lips as soft as yours

Now I sit in an empty chamber
Mouthing the lyrics that helped me feel alright
And I look up only to see
Your disappearance left with only best intentions

I close my eyes and still feel your beauty
I remember the days where we only needed each other
But now you're gone and I hope you're happy
Because your smile is all I need to make it out alive

How can I forget you
Track Name: Stone Faces
Don't fucking tell me
How to be
Sick of this bullshit
Got to get out
All I want is to take my fucking life

This isn't me
Why have I changed?
You controlling bitch
Driving me insane

Hate this


This is what I've become
Track Name: Not Quite a Poet
Before the leaves fall to the floor
These sound scaped melodies exist without a sound
And fires that burned away at night
Our faces had never been so clear

And hand signed letters
Delivered to make you better
And we thought we were
So invincible

And we filled our hearts with notes
Like helium begin to float
The days the sun beat down overhead
We were invincible
Longing; but now stuck in grey
Longing pure azure skies